Turn an outdoor space into your outdoor space

If you're looking to improve, renovate or completely transform your garden then CityTreesUK can help.

Landscaping in Bromley was the foundation of our business, this continues to be a bread-and-butter service. With over a decade of experience to draw on and a qualified team under us, we offer a selection of soft and hard landscaping service suitable for any garden or property. We endeavour to exceed customer expectations at every turn, from the quality of our work to our ability to work within tight budgets.

Our team of landscapers and tree surgeons in Bromley can combine their expertise into one comprehensive quote if necessary. To get started with arranging a free site assessment, get in touch using our booking for or by calling the team:

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Our soft and hard landscaping services include

Wooden garden fence



CityTreesUK are specialists in installing fences, including panels, posts and timber. We take extra precautions to ensure your new fence is installed at the appropriate depth and secure, all but guaranteeing a new fence that will last for years.

Fence Services

Residential backyard in Bromley



The addition of a patio to an outdoor area is nothing short of transformative, turning an empty space into a dedicated area for socialising, entertaining guests or relaxing. 

Patio Services

Septic tank installation in residential garden in Bromley


Drainage Systems

This supplementary service for patios installs a seamless drainage system to protect your property from rain, using the discrete use of gullys or gradients.

Drainage Installation Services

Septic tank installation in residential garden in Bromley


Decks and Sheds

A full construction service, from laying out the framework to the final flourishes and details. We can additionally help with sourcing materials, and can provide samples as inspiration.

Deck & Shed Services

Man smoothing out cement foundation


Concrete Bases

Whether you need a flat surface as a foundation for a shed, or simply want a more affordable alternative to a full patio, CityTreesUK have a proven track record of installing pristine concrete bases.

Concrete Foundation Services

Gardener laying down grass in residential garden in Bromley


Lawn Laying

CityTreesUK can help with laying both classic natural grass turf and low-maintenance artificial lawns, no matter the size of your garden.

Lawn Services

Gardener planting flowers in garden bed in Bromley



Whether you're looking to enhance the curb appeal of your property or create an inviting atmosphere for a commercial space, CityTreesUK's eye for details are sure to shine through.

Planting Services




Why should you trust CityTreesUK to handle your landscaping in Bromley?

Local Knowledge

CityTreesUK have been providing landscaping in Bromley since 2011. From navigating the permissions and permits set out by local regulations to the network of subcontractors we work with for larger projects, our customers benefit from the lessons learned and the connections made in that time.


Cutting-Edge Equipment

From gardening classics like shears, shovels and rakes to our assortment of chainsaws, trimmers and blowers, we have a tool for every landscaping job imaginable. Should we not have a tool from the job, we can all but guarantee somebody in our network or one of trusted subcontractors does.


Personalised Service

We treat each project as its own unique undertaking and each client as an individual. To that end we're more than happy to go above and beyond the call to bring your outdoor visions to life, from giving advice on certain species of plants to providing you with samples for fences or decking.






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