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Whether a tree has become critically diseased, the crown has become too heavy or it would obstruct construction or development works, some trees need to be felled.

With over a decade of experience to draw upon, a fully insured team of qualified arborists and a workplace culture of safety, CityTreesUK stand are experienced in all manner of tree surgery in Bromley including tree felling.

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 Tree cut down in Bromley?

We will only commence tree felling in Bromley after thoroughly inspecting the surrounding area and completing a full safety assessment. This ensures the safety of our tree surgeons and keeps your property free from damage, while also allowing us to handle additional matters such as permissions, applications or concerns from neighbours.

Only when we have carried all our due diligence will the tree felling begin. This will be done in such a way to minimise disruption, clearing as we go before finally removing the tree from your property.



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