Stump Removals in Bromley

Manual grinding and poisoning solutions, depending on your needs and the species

Tree stumps can pose several complications for a garden or property, particularly if they become diseased or host pest organisms that can spread to surrounding trees.

CityTreesUK have the experience and the equipment to undertake all manner of stump removals in Bromley and the surrounding area, both following a tree felling or for older tree stumps. Depending on the cost considerations, time constraints and potential for regrowth, we can remove stumps using one of our many stump grinders or using poison.

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 Tree stump grinder

Our stock of equipment includes a range of different sized stump grinders, in the event that a project is being carried out in a garden with limited access routes or overall space. Stump poisoning is also an alternative in these cases, which entails the use of chemicals to accelerate the decay and natural breakdown of a stump.

As with all of our landscaping and tree surgery procedures, we will commence a full site inspection and assessment of your property before we undertake a stump removal. This will allow us to gauge the best treatment method based on particular species of tree we are removing and space considerations.



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